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In order to better and faster for the majority of customers, improve efficiency, make full use of existing funds, avoid waste, as soon as possible to achieve the renewal of products. According to the customer's request, the company especially launched the following "trade-in" business for customer service.

rade-in method: Your company or the user unit will provide the origin of the centrifuge to be replaced, the number of years of use, the current condition of use, the capacity and whether there is a refrigeration device, and other related information collected and provided to the company. According to the above information, our company will estimate the final depreciation price of the machine and report to your company or user unit for determination. After both parties determine the transaction price, minus the depreciation price of the old centrifuge is the final transaction price, and both parties will sign a contract for implementation.

Unit: Hunan Xiangxin Instrument Co., Ltd.

Add:Yanzitang, Tianting Street, Yuelu District, Changsha City

टेलीफोन: 0731-84306255

फैक्स: 0731 - 84306255

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