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Hunan Xiangxin Instrument Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of national production, research and development of centrifuge series products, mainly engaged in the research, development and production of high and low speed centrifuge series, freezing centrifuge, large capacity centrifuge series, blood thawing machine series of high-tech joint-stock enterprises, is the latest international quality management system certification through ISO9001:2008 enterprise, our company insists on Our company insists on the principle of "user first, service above all". The commitment to after-sales service is as follows:

1、The factory product three-package period is one year.

2,product installation and commissioning is completed, our maintenance service center timely file for the record, tracking user use.

3,the user service information feedback to the company, our company within 24 hours to the user reply, and within 72 hours to send people to the user for after-sales service (or replace the new machine).

4,during the three-bag period, the product can not operate normally, our company will telephone troubleshooting or the user will be the nearest product to our after-sales service network for maintenance, or after-sales service network personnel door-to-door maintenance, or the company sent personnel to repair, or sent to the company for repair or replacement.

5,Outside the three package period, the product returned to the company for repair or send staff to the user for maintenance, only the cost of accessories and freight charges.

6、Our company holds user classes every year at the right time, for users to use the product technology, maintenance technology, maintenance technology training, the implementation of special training for users of the winning centrifuge.

7,due to irresistible causes or improper transportation caused by product parts, can not be restored on site when the technical performance of the product, or through the maintenance service, no test means to prove the technical condition of the product on site, should be returned to our company for maintenance, the general return to the factory maintenance time of three days (except for the transport time).

Company service hotline: 0731-84323155

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Hunan Xiangxin Instrument Co., Ltd.

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